Tuesday, 8 December 2009

jingle bells, batman smells, robin flew away

here are some Chrismas decs which i made using the december kit from indigo mill. for once i have no bad words about basic grey papers they are divine and the colours are a bit different to the trad christmas colours. the wreath is a coat hanger bent into a circle and then strips of paper stapled on. you can then ribbon, button and glitter as much as you like. the garland is just some handcut stockings attached with brads onto some fabric. 3 sheets of 12x12 made the wreath and a 3 yard garland. it took 1 hour from start to tidied and the kids got stuck in too. no excuses, get festive.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

hello stranger

well , it's not that i haven't been crafting more that i have neglected my blogging a bit ( well- alot) but it's my go to be playing/designing with indigo mills' lovely kit. this has given me the necessary kick to sort myself out. Thanks Steph x . in fact i was so badly organised that i have had to go and buy a new SD card and batteries for my digital camera which i had abandoned in favour of some 35mm lovin' . i have digital camera induced tourettes so it's not a good thing to have out on family occaisions. So for anyone who is interested here are a few of my done deals to look at and ..........................a sneak peek of what is in the lovely kit.

Friday, 23 October 2009

on the mend

I am feeling a bit more lively now. Have made a huge mess in the craft room and my friend gave me a bag of lavender to mess around with, perhaps this has had a soothing effect too . I have also been down to my newly opened village craft shop to show the lovely Frances how to hand felt.

Check out these blooms on the front of these mini books. Now i am not normally a bloom fan but these flowers are so lovely i am inspired to 'do vintage' so watch this space. These flowers are the real deal and have been dried out in a fancy machine after being lovingly sown and tended by my friend Sheila who now has lots of lovely blooms for us paper junkies to have. Also signed up to twitter today - just got to figure out how it works now !

Monday, 19 October 2009

no mojo

help ! i am mojoless. i have been M.I.A from blogland for a bit now and for anyone who's even remotely interested here's why. I have had nothing on my craft table for 2 weeks. What's worse is that I have no real passion for cutting and sticking right now. nothing fabric, altered, felty or photographic has happened for me in ages. I am beginning to wonder why i my craft libido is going off. could it be i have overfaced myself volunteering for stuff at school and other places ? Maybe it could be that my little man is acting like a looney at school and that i am a little stressed ? It could be lots of stuff, however, the fact remains i am bored with not feeling creative. yesterday i made christmas cards, i made 50 cards in one hour. That should give some clue of how lacklustre i feel. Call a craft doctor, I need help.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

woolly pretties.

I have used most of my monster mash kit from indigo mill except for the robot paper which i am looking forward to using. However i have missed my feltmaking, so i have made various felty woolly goodies today. The photo shows the ones which i most like - especially the cuff which i am really pleased with. I have made some felt embellies which might be on a layout or two in the future. thanks for looking.x

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

words from a brave man

i emptied the hoover last night as it was full of lego and rice crispies. I emptied it into a box from one of bekahs' birthday presents that was waiting to be put into the bin. When Richard saw it he said .....wait for it ........ " barbie must have taken up scrapbooking, she's let the housework go a bit. " oops, fair comment ?

Sunday, 27 September 2009

My day out at Exhall

I have had a great day out today at the Exhall Crop organised by Claire and Tracie ( check out their blogs via indigo mill ). Everyone who was there was not only hugely talented but also really friendly and i had a really relaxing time with a tiny touch of retail therapy. Some homemade goodies were made and shared and thank goodness that the main food groups were covered - chocolate, cream and chocolate !! thanks ladies. x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

sketch challenge

Heres my take on a sketch challenge from Nic who is part of the indigo mill design team. I have never done a layout from someone elses sketch before, it was a real challenge. I loved doing it but the layout i am not sure about. it's a bit like when your hand goes to sleep and even though you know it's still yours it feels like you are touching someone elses hand. sort of a emma/nic hybrid. will have another go next month to see if i can used to it as it's such a good way to have a change and get refreshed.

Monday, 21 September 2009


aaargh what to do !!??!! i have a truly inspirational kit to work with from indigo mill ( checkout the peek on their blog ) but the weather is good enough to go to my allotment for a good sort out. do i make hay whilst the sun shines or get creative with my photos and that great kit ? how can i do both ?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

jam as the new all purpose adhesive ?????

Another day of mad activity has passed and determind to find a crafty activity during the day that was suitable for kids to be present during, i made jam. Yes, jam. better than nothing ? and then i waited patiently for the kids to be asleep and did a layout, hurrah !! A very super quick one because i am trashed.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

where does the time go ? have now got 2 children at school so should be more relaxed hahaha ! already got little man off school poorly. what's a crafty lass to do ? i cannot get to my desk because someone (the big man ) has put his work stuff on my desk . is this a conspiracy ? I will get to the scissors and glue this week in order to prove that nothing can stop me making a mess and avoiding essential jobs around the house.

Monday, 7 September 2009

The only type of papercraft that i do reluctantly is card making. I make them for for family and friends but very dutifully. my fabulous little girl is six in a few days so i have pushed the boat out and voila ! not really a card though ,eh ? it's just cupcakes from scraps and some pegs altered to look like candles all hung out on some cotton tape. now for an envelope ???!!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

i feel like i am stalking myself on my blog. is that possible? can you post too much ? anyhoo look at me all interthwebby, there is no one more pleased with me than i am, it's about time i stretched my brain to do something other than have photographic knowledge of the whereabouts of EVERYTHING my family have ever touched, played with or needed.
So another layout this time of my little girls new trainers which are a bit 'bling' to say the least. How kind of Ruby rock-it and lelli kelly to come up with co-ordinated shoe/scrapbook ranges. Get the papers whilst you can at Indigo mill also the ATC die cuts which have handily turned into a stencil too. Easy and quick to put together - hurrah! when time is as short as my free moments kits are great.
this bracelet is made from some white wooden beads and inbetween these are threaded some small pieces of felt that i needle felted from the most delicious coloured roving wool. the small pieces were just cut from a large piece that i made for my birkenstock layout to colour match my new shoes. is there any better way to motivate a paper junkie than shoes? maybe just more paper. talking of which the lovely indigo mill has also done splendid work with colour and put together some beautiful scrapbooking kits which are also a bargain. Aaargh who can resist a "deal" ?

Sunday, 30 August 2009

hello world, i have been a busy crafter recently, done loads of stuff and have even gained a craft space all to myself. I have got my holiday snaps sorted and am a disapointed as a whole roll of film that i used at the beach is rubbish, so i will have to get my head round photo shop or some other magic rescue program. My Betty's tea room shots came out ok but i can't look at them cos' it makes me really hungry i end up getting distracted and going to the kitchen instead oops !

In the meantime here are some LO's of varying sorts. Enjoy to look as much as i did to do them maybe you won't make as big a mess as me though.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

post holiday blues

I have just returned from my holiday and we all had a great time so i am feeling a bit blue. The house is a tip there is loads of washing but , oh ho - what is that ? a silver lining for my grey cloud ? oh yes holiday piccies to scrap. i will run to get my rolls developed and get scrapping soon.

Friday, 14 August 2009

some layouts from recent times

it's a great pic of my kids but if i'm really honest the main reason for this layout is flair buttons from american crafts. sad but true.

remember sunshine?

welcome !

you are viewing the inaugeral post for my new baby. Sadly blog is an unwanted child as i don't do well with technology however it will be loved and cared for nevertheless. The upside is that i get to go on and on and believe that someone is interested in what i have to say. My scrapbooking and other creative madness will be posted on here too. Also my new friends from the Indigo Mill design team will dropping by i'm sure so, Hello to you.