Monday, 21 February 2011

eggs-tra special crafty folk.

i went to kettering last saturday to show a fab group how to hand felt. they are a really welcoming bunch of people who are keen on all sorts of crafts and i thoroughly enjoyed my day. I made a piece of yellow/orange felt as part of the demo and when got home was inspired to make this for a little 'yolk'.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

impatient me.

i wish my house was sold as i am fed up of tidying and cleaning and pretending we are a neat and organised family. i wish it was spring so i could plant things and stop having to wear woollen items. i wish it was already half term so i didnt have to make packed lunches.

i realise i am wishing my life away but i just wish everything would get on with it and hurry along a little. to get rid of my grump i did a little flat felt out of alpaca and silk and made it into a simple necklace. hope it cheers you too xxx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


i am a housewife and i work hard slogging through my family life, however i had forgotten what busy was. In the space of 3 weeks i have painted 5 rooms and made 4 pairs of curtains. Hardest of all though was the mammoth operation which was tidying, properly ! all of which should be evident as it's coming soon to rightmove. My family is on the move, exciting times for us and a touch nervy. i had forgotten what it was like to work to deadlines and have people relying on you having completed the work you promised you would. it's been great and i have a real sense of acheivement that i have pulled it off. In the meantime i have also been felting and made this around the 1st or second week in jan. it is a piece of flat felt with trapped fibres and then embellished with gilding flakes and beads.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

sticky kids

well check us out !! what do you think of our creation ? we are going to party and this is what the kids and i have made to take with us. the cone part is filled with chocalate ganache and finished with a marshmallow frosting and obligatory party sprinkles. my two rotters have never been so sticky, that is until they and 20 other kids get stuck in at the party i guess. so if you haven' t guessed i have hit my festive stride(at last) and i hope you have too. xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

home sweet home ???

well after looking forward to going away with my lovely craft friends for ages i can say that was sooo not disappointed. i laughed and cried and learnt with a fab group of girls. and ate too, oops ! slimming world scales say 2lbs of food was consumed and not excercised off. i made felt stuff, i art journalled, decopatched , altered a printers tray made chistmas decs and took photos of the quay at Orford, stayed up too late and then, then........ left to go home to ,well ...... normality. boo hoo waahaaaaa.

Friday, 18 June 2010

holiday preparation

we go on our family jolly in a few days and I have neither packed or dieted (sucessfully). last year we went to scarborough in the caravan and had a great time. these layouts were done last year but it gets me in the mood for my holiday snaps and post jolly scrapfrenzy. BTW how gorgeous are scarboroughs beach huts ??

my name is emma and i am an alcoholic

Alchohol ink that is !!!! went on a day course and discovered a new addiction/expense. i have always liked altering but this is fab fun and with a melt pot too i can spend ages creating and experimenting, in fact i need a white coat and will rename our office " the craft lab".

Friday, 29 January 2010

better late than never

hello anybody out there. apologies to anyone who noticed my absence. i'm sorry i have no good excuse for blog neglect just a distinct lack of enthusiasm for computers. my kids have discovered the laptop and get themselves around t'interthweb quite nicely now. it is quite annoying and as i write i can see chocolate spread on the screen, not a good look on a lappy.

Our family christmas was just lovely and i would do it all again tomorrow ( if i had a bit a spare cash) and january has been ok too. Richard has started working shifts again which has thrown the children a little and led to some interesting nonsleepy nights for me. for example the dreams from little man about toilet roll up his nose and the girl child getting ready for school at 4am. superduper . i can only remember with horror how bad it is when you do this for weeks and months on end.

i managed to escape the family on sunday to go to exhall for a crop and to be fair i did more chatting than sticking but it was great nevertheless to see everyone and get hugs too. this is a photo of my layout as i have no piccies of me laughing and hugging.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

jingle bells, batman smells, robin flew away

here are some Chrismas decs which i made using the december kit from indigo mill. for once i have no bad words about basic grey papers they are divine and the colours are a bit different to the trad christmas colours. the wreath is a coat hanger bent into a circle and then strips of paper stapled on. you can then ribbon, button and glitter as much as you like. the garland is just some handcut stockings attached with brads onto some fabric. 3 sheets of 12x12 made the wreath and a 3 yard garland. it took 1 hour from start to tidied and the kids got stuck in too. no excuses, get festive.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009