Friday, 23 October 2009

on the mend

I am feeling a bit more lively now. Have made a huge mess in the craft room and my friend gave me a bag of lavender to mess around with, perhaps this has had a soothing effect too . I have also been down to my newly opened village craft shop to show the lovely Frances how to hand felt.

Check out these blooms on the front of these mini books. Now i am not normally a bloom fan but these flowers are so lovely i am inspired to 'do vintage' so watch this space. These flowers are the real deal and have been dried out in a fancy machine after being lovingly sown and tended by my friend Sheila who now has lots of lovely blooms for us paper junkies to have. Also signed up to twitter today - just got to figure out how it works now !

Monday, 19 October 2009

no mojo

help ! i am mojoless. i have been M.I.A from blogland for a bit now and for anyone who's even remotely interested here's why. I have had nothing on my craft table for 2 weeks. What's worse is that I have no real passion for cutting and sticking right now. nothing fabric, altered, felty or photographic has happened for me in ages. I am beginning to wonder why i my craft libido is going off. could it be i have overfaced myself volunteering for stuff at school and other places ? Maybe it could be that my little man is acting like a looney at school and that i am a little stressed ? It could be lots of stuff, however, the fact remains i am bored with not feeling creative. yesterday i made christmas cards, i made 50 cards in one hour. That should give some clue of how lacklustre i feel. Call a craft doctor, I need help.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

woolly pretties.

I have used most of my monster mash kit from indigo mill except for the robot paper which i am looking forward to using. However i have missed my feltmaking, so i have made various felty woolly goodies today. The photo shows the ones which i most like - especially the cuff which i am really pleased with. I have made some felt embellies which might be on a layout or two in the future. thanks for looking.x