Sunday, 30 August 2009

hello world, i have been a busy crafter recently, done loads of stuff and have even gained a craft space all to myself. I have got my holiday snaps sorted and am a disapointed as a whole roll of film that i used at the beach is rubbish, so i will have to get my head round photo shop or some other magic rescue program. My Betty's tea room shots came out ok but i can't look at them cos' it makes me really hungry i end up getting distracted and going to the kitchen instead oops !

In the meantime here are some LO's of varying sorts. Enjoy to look as much as i did to do them maybe you won't make as big a mess as me though.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

post holiday blues

I have just returned from my holiday and we all had a great time so i am feeling a bit blue. The house is a tip there is loads of washing but , oh ho - what is that ? a silver lining for my grey cloud ? oh yes holiday piccies to scrap. i will run to get my rolls developed and get scrapping soon.

Friday, 14 August 2009

some layouts from recent times

it's a great pic of my kids but if i'm really honest the main reason for this layout is flair buttons from american crafts. sad but true.

remember sunshine?

welcome !

you are viewing the inaugeral post for my new baby. Sadly blog is an unwanted child as i don't do well with technology however it will be loved and cared for nevertheless. The upside is that i get to go on and on and believe that someone is interested in what i have to say. My scrapbooking and other creative madness will be posted on here too. Also my new friends from the Indigo Mill design team will dropping by i'm sure so, Hello to you.