Wednesday, 26 January 2011


i am a housewife and i work hard slogging through my family life, however i had forgotten what busy was. In the space of 3 weeks i have painted 5 rooms and made 4 pairs of curtains. Hardest of all though was the mammoth operation which was tidying, properly ! all of which should be evident as it's coming soon to rightmove. My family is on the move, exciting times for us and a touch nervy. i had forgotten what it was like to work to deadlines and have people relying on you having completed the work you promised you would. it's been great and i have a real sense of acheivement that i have pulled it off. In the meantime i have also been felting and made this around the 1st or second week in jan. it is a piece of flat felt with trapped fibres and then embellished with gilding flakes and beads.

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