Wednesday, 16 February 2011

impatient me.

i wish my house was sold as i am fed up of tidying and cleaning and pretending we are a neat and organised family. i wish it was spring so i could plant things and stop having to wear woollen items. i wish it was already half term so i didnt have to make packed lunches.

i realise i am wishing my life away but i just wish everything would get on with it and hurry along a little. to get rid of my grump i did a little flat felt out of alpaca and silk and made it into a simple necklace. hope it cheers you too xxx


  1. Fab Necklace.... I can go with you on the wishing, but not the house sale (hope thing's happen soon for you though), we are in the process of decorating L's room, I want to make pretty things for her to go in it but wishing for more time and less chores then I might be able to make some pretties :D...